"A Bird in Hand" - Homecoming Collection Print

$25.00 USD

This print is from the Homecoming Collection. "A Bird in the Hand" is a moment of tranquility encapsulated in Carrington's oil painting, depicting a sparrow delicately gripping an outstretched finger. The piece offers an immersive exploration of perspective, with blurred brushstrokes for the distant mountains and forest, progressively sharpening focus towards the central subject – the sparrow. The hand, subtly out of focus, underscores the bird's mesmerizing presence, symbolizing the exquisite magic of this fleeting connection. Beyond its compositional charm, the title imparts a deeper message, a call from Carrington for viewers to recognize and cherish the small joys in life, embodied in the intimate interaction between human and bird.

This print is available in 3 sizes:

8x10 ($25)

11x14 ($45)

24x30 ($85)