"Inevitable Passage" - Homecoming Collection Print

$25.00 USD


"Inevitable Passage" uniquely reimagines the familiar sunset scene into a memento mori - a reflective reminder of life's fleeting nature. This tall painting employs a captivating spectrum of colors, transitioning from warm tones into rich blues, symbolizing the twilight and the ebb and flow of time. Abstract impressions of the Pacific Northwest forests, created through impasto techniques, subtly hint at their grandeur. While this piece artistically echoes the transience of life, it also connects with the broader "Homecoming" theme of the collection. It prompts viewers to consider their own life journey and the inevitable return home, aligning the personal passage of time with the rhythm of the natural world.

This print is available in 3 sizes:

8x10 ($25)

11x14 ($45)

24x30 ($85)